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Oreos Limo service Chicago presents the best party buses in the city.

If you like long drive in a Chicago limo, short day trips in our party buses in Chicago to nearby places of interest find you a fun way to spend a weekend or holiday, then Oreo’s various Limo services in Chicago can be your finest choice.

Wait for no further and book your Limo now on an instant call at 773-8007475

Read on to learn about the limousine services we offer in the Chicago area and the suburbs.


Airport limo service Chicago

You might wonder why we are the best Airport limo service provider in Chicago.
People find it hard to prepare for their flights on time and remember to bring everything they need. Finding a way to deal with this stress will make your life and travels more accessible and fun. We are here to solve all your problems regarding limos.
Oreoslimo offers affordable services to and from both O’Hare and Midway airports. We’ve modified our services so that you can find the best airport limo service for you.
The Chicago Limo bus always picks you up on time. So, you can minimize the time from landing at the airport to reaching your loved ones! Our professional airport chauffeurs deliver your luggage in Limo. So, you can comfortably enjoy your journey without having to take the hassle of loading and unloading luggage. Oreoslimo offers you the best luxury airport limo in Chicago.

Book Chicago limo instant service

We at Oreoslimo have the best Chicago Limousine services and amenities. In addition, we have the lowest prices for booking a limo in Chicago. So the best way to save money on a Chicago party bus rental is to secure it from Oreo’s Limo.
There are other bus limo services in Chicago. However, we bet you won’t find a service as incredible as Oreoslimo. From our professional chauffeurs at your service, from pick up to drop to free drinks, amenities, food, laser TV screens, and decorations, we have it all for you!
Rent a Limo in Chicago to enjoy the most exotic Chicago Limo services. However, our prime focus lies on customer experience. We try to give our customers the best experience they have had in a while. And with our exotic preparation and arrangements, Oreoslimo is an excellent Limo service in Downtown Chicago.

Chicago limo service Chicago
Corporate limo service Chicago

Corporate limo service Chicago

Our limo service for corporate professionals is a safe and reliable way to get to work, which is essential for their careers and safety. Oreo’s Limo is the place to go if you need affordable corporate limo service in Chicago or the suburbs.
You are expected to be cordial with your colleagues at a corporate party. Therefore, you should maintain a formal dress code. It makes a great impression. It makes you look like you are a high-value person to others. But, keeping up with the fundamental standards, you can still have much fun! At Oreoslimo, I understand your concerns. And make suitable arrangements modified to make your corporate limo service experience fantastic in Chicago.
This is why we are the best Limo service in the Southern suburbs of Chicago and offer the most affordable party bus rental for corporate in Chicago.

Party bus limo service Chicago

Book a party bus in Chicago for your prom with oreoslimo Limo today. If you are looking for a cheap Limousine in the Chicago suburbs, congratulations! You have come to the right place. Our Party Limos take the feeling of luxury and fun to a whole new level.
The Party limo can take its passengers to any place they want to party, or it can be where they have a wild party. If you are a student or a teenager, you must be craving those crazy parties where you let yourself loose and give in to the fun, right?
You want to experience the joy of little things. You want your friends to come together and play games. You want your crazy wild fantasies to come true! You want to get to know each other better. You want to have a gala moment.
Most importantly, you want to own the party without judging or stopping you. You want to have the whole night just yourself and your gang. So to have this opportunity at your fingertips, oreoslimo bus service is!
We are a luxury Limo service in Chicago. The o hare midway limo bus service is just a call away. So hurry and book your spot now!

Party limo service Chicago
Birthday limo service Chicago

Birthday party bus limo service Chicago

Oreo’s limo party bus rental would be the best choice for a birthday party in Chicago. Oreoslimo Limo has set up the Best Birthday Limo Deals for your birthday party in Chicago. So now it’s time to give your loved ones a surprise birthday party in Limo and make them feel special in their favourite Limo. So what are you waiting for? Oreos Chicago limo is waiting to give you a long ride at a luxurious place.

Wedding party bus rental/limo service Chicago

Oreos limo in Chicago will give you the best service of luxurious party buses you’ve ever had if you’re getting married in the Chicago area. Since we’ve been in the limo wedding business for a while, we know what it takes to do to offer you the best services on your special day. So look no further and book your wedding limo in Chicago; we assure you we will give you the best wedding experience in our Limo.

Wedding limo service Chicago
Sporting limo service Chicago

Affordable Sporting Chicago limo service wedding.

Enjoy our Chicago Sporting Event Limo Service, which is reliable and has fair prices. If your favorite team is playing, you might want to dress up for the game. Hence, book our limo service in Chicago to compliment your excitement for your team and support them with your enthusiasm. We have various options for sports limos in the Chicago area and the city’s suburbs.

Bachelorette limo service in Chicago and the suburbs

Oreoslimo limo services can give you the best Chicago limo service at a price you can afford. So use your last day of freedom as a single woman or man to the fullest. It’s time to hang up with your friends, so let’s do it together. Allow Oreos limo to make this special day more unique to you. For that, you have to book our bachelorette Chicago limo.

Bachelorette limo service Chicago
Night out limo service Chicago

Party bus Chicago for Night out

Are you planning a night out with your girl gang? A limo party bus is the perfect ending to a great night out because it lets you get from one place to another in style and comfort. In addition, taking an Oreo’s unique Chicago limo out for the night is a surefire way to make you look more relaxed.
A night out means enjoying yourself so much that it feels like nobody’s business! You do what you want. You choose what you get. We hope you have crazy discussions and peals of laughter in your booked limousine.
With our services and amenities at Oreoslimo, we bet you will not get a better option for your night out plans! So if you have already made a night out plan, there is no need to postpone it further.

Concert limo service in Chicago city

The best part of the night will be the ride in a stylish Chicago limo with your friends. Please choose one of our Concert Limo Services to make your special day more memorable.
It’s a concert day! You are going to see your favorite stars perform live on stage. We know how damn excited you must be. Ask yourself if you want to waste the journey from home to the concert! Why not make it even more exciting?
You deserve it. This is going to be one of your dream come authentic moments. We at Oreoslimo take you from destination to destination. So you get all groovy to enjoy and shout your lungs out in excitement for your favorite celebrities.

Concert limo service Chicago

With our top-notch transportation service, you can get in style with the best limo service Chicago

Our luxury SUV Limo gives you the best ride you can ask for. Of course, you cannot help but get into the party mood with proper air conditioning and interior decoration! Oh yes! Not to forget— our premium sound systems.
Apart from that, if you are looking for O’Hare and midway limo Chicago service, then too no need to look for it because Oreos will serve
They are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to give that particular effect. You won’t get a chance to feel bored at any point in your journey with us. So what are you still wondering? Book our VIP Chicago Limo now and have a blast ride to your concert. We will happily give you our Chicago limo service at affordable prices.
You can now sing, dance, enjoy and be merry with our free food and booze. You may dance your heart out and do the craziest adventure games. You get complete freedom since nobody’s watching you. Oreoslimo party bus service is completely safe and secure. Your privacy is safe in our hands. Whatever you do in here stays here. It is the best Limo rental in Chicago.

So why should you choose us?

We are the only limousine service in Chicago with a wide range of high-end vehicles. Since a family runs our business, we want all of our customers to feel like they are a part of our family. If you try us once, you’ll never want to go elsewhere.

  • We’re delighted with the work we do.

We take hundreds of happy customers around the greater Chicago area every week. Our limos and town cars are driven by professional, polite, and safe people. They also know their way around Chicago and its suburbs very well.

Oreoslimo Chicago Limo

Our team makes our cars to order.

Oreoslimo Chicago Limo Customs built and designed every party bus in our fleet. This makes us very proud. We know what’s going on in Chicago’s transportation market.


If you want to book your travel with Oreoslimo, we offer you the most hassle-free booking experience. You can book your journey and enjoy our premium quality service with just a few clicks. Oreoslimo is a luxury Limo service in Chicago.

You have to provide us with the bare minimum information. And you are all set to go! This information includes the pickup time, pickup date, and pickup location. Of course, they will ask you about the delivery location.

They have the most significant interior spacing, comfortable seating arrangement, good drinks and food, and amenities. Oreoslimo services do everything on their part to make your journey enjoyable. We ensure you do not regret a single drive with Oreoslimo Limo rentals in Chicago.

Oreoslimo service not only prides itself in having some fantastic professional drivers who ensure your driving safety is in their hands.

However, testimonials and our previous clients agree that Oreoslimo bus drivers are super polite. If you need any help, you can reach out to them without any hesitation—your journey, whether corporate or a private family get-together, may often be long. Oreoslimo o hare midway limo is superb in their royalty.

During those long journeys, you might have varying requirements. For instance, you might want the AC temperature to be turned high.

Or you might also want to reduce the music volume so you can have a pleasant chatty journey with your companions.

Our drivers are always happy to help you. Their service is just a request away. Hence do not shy away! Oreoslimo is the best limousine in Chicago.

Yes, of course! We are pleased to inform you that Oreoslimo has the most luxurious and affordable airport services. No matter when you land at Chicago airport, you can now book the Oreoslimo airport service.

We offer point-to-point service benefits.  We pick you up from the airport and deliver you safely to your desired location. It is the best limo service in downtown Chicago.

Landed at the airport after a long tiring flight and can’t get any available transport service to reach your loved ones? Book The Oreoslimo airport service today. And we promise we won’t disappoint you.

You would surely think we were lying flat on your face if we told you we offer the best cuisine, comfortable seating arrangement, spacious stay, party services, and corporate travel arrangement—all of this at a reasonable price.

However, that is the truth. We design all our premium services so that you can have the most comfortable and luxurious travel experience.

We have our pricing allotted at affordable prices. There are paid packages for each service you select. We are pretty flexible with the payments and transactions with our clients. You can opt for any assistance that suits your liking. We assure you that it will be well within your budget. Oreoslimo is an excellent limo service in downtown Chicago.

Apart from the royal entry, grand seating arrangements, a separate party zone and elegant food and wine provision— there is something else about Oreoslimo bus services that keep our previous customers happy and coming back for more! Eager to find out what that is?

Well, it is the top-notch quality Chauffeur service. We know we expect a driver to be responsible for picking us up at the right time. However, with our drivers, that is not the case.

They always pick you up earlier than the set time. Our professional drivers always arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes earlier at pickup locations. Once you are in the vehicle, you get to experience so much more!

Our professional drivers are responsible for helping you out in any way possible. They are responsible for keeping you entertained throughout your journey. You may even ask them questions for verification and assurance.

For starters, you may ask if they have a certified driving license or about their driving history. All of our drivers have a record of clean driving history with no accidents.

They have a professional dress code for any event, be it birthday celebrations, corporate events, Sporting events, girls’ night out etc.

You feel like you are in safe hands throughout your travel. They have undergone training to remain calm and composed under pressure situations. They are well equipped to manage risks.

We at Oreoslimo services have to deal with serving thousands of customers daily!

The footprint you leave on the waste packets you leave behind may cause worry for the next customer on board.

If you book a Limo bus service, you wouldn’t like it if it is dirty and used up waste mat; wastes lie all around floor interiors. It will not only spoil the mood. But it will make the journey worse. But don’t you worry, for we have managed it.

After every customer delivery, we make sure we go through step by a step cleaning process. Floors, carpets, walls, and ceilings are clean. We ensure the Limo service is disinfected before every pickup. So yes, to answer your question, the interiors of our Limo bus vehicle are entirely hygienic.

You can book Oreoslimo services for literally any occasion.  Oreoslimo service has explicit arrangements for every occasion. You name it; we deliver it. Events for which you can book Oreoslimo bus service are the following:

  • birthday party
  • concert trips out with your friends
  • Quick airport pickups
  • corporate party
  • family get together
  • anniversary celebration
  • casual Day Out Around The Town with your friends
  • for that bachelorette party trip with close pals
  • for wedding celebrations
  • for the most bashing party, you will never regret it for the rest of your life

It is the most exotic limo in Chicago.

Great question! We have vast interiors spacing. Our limo and Sedan buses can hold up to 22 people. So gear up to invite all your friends!

We have a flat plasma TV. The TV screens are enormous. We do not have a single TV— but two TV screens. In some of our Limo SUV buses, we even have up to three flat laser TV! Now, how cool is that?

The party bus interiors have jaw-dropping decorations with LED lighting. The walls are beautifully furnished.  There is a false ceiling above. There are laser and disco lighting to get you into the mood to get wild!

To add to the fun, we have well-equipped stereo sound systems. The music systems have inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity and aux cable connection. The ambience makes you groove to beats.

To keep our customers entertained, we offer them free drinks! Book our exotic Chicago Limo today.

Yes! Our Oreoslimo buses for party in Chicago are available at your service seven days a week. We are here for you 24*7 with our premium quality travel services. This luxury limo service in Chicago even works for you on national holidays to give you the most enjoyable ride of your lifetime.

If you are about to book our limo service in Chicago anytime soon, you have the right to know what our past customers say about us.

One of our previous clients admits they felt so safe and comfortable throughout their journey with us that five stars would not be enough to thank us.

Another client confesses that he loves the on-time pickup by our staff. He continues to say that our drivers are never late. But instead, they are earlier than the stated time, which makes their experience simply wow.

Another customer says she is impressed at how clean the interior of the limo bus rental is! We have authentic Chicago limo reviews. You can check out the rest of the thoughts and testimonials here.

Disinfected Before Pickup

Zero Direct Contact Policy

Always on Time Service

Testimonials from our guests!!!

Noreen LadybugNoreen Ladybug
01:17 01 Aug 22
Issa and the team are very pleasant to work with. They will always accommodate the customers request . Safety, comfort and peace of mind are their top priority. 5 stars is not enough.
Kareem MajKareem Maj
06:08 19 Jul 22
I been using them for a while and they always send me the always a luxury cars and the best of the best 👌 always on time and super great service from driver to customers service ❤️
Megan EgasMegan Egas
04:00 13 Jul 22
Loved the service! Everything was clean and the driver very professional. Most importantly they were on time and had a wonderful experience. For sure will book them next time!
tobassi medtobassi med
21:28 03 Jul 22
Great Experience around the city with the party bus rental service. Great Service. I give you 5 stars. it was safe and fun.
Peter JubergPeter Juberg
01:38 04 Apr 22
Very reliable. Our family has been using them for over two years now. Always on time and the owner keeps his fleet of cars impeccably clean. You’ll often see the owner having one of his cars detailed or washed at Fullers car wash in hinsdale. Great for family- they will have Oreos for the kids to snack on en route to the airport and they regularly surprise us with their one of their fun party buses. If you need a professional car service to the airport, a date night drive, or a fun party bus for your kids. Look no further. The Owen has managed the growth of his business very well including vetting of staff and a topnotch fleet. Will always use this company.
Kelly Timko GlassbergKelly Timko Glassberg
12:21 02 Apr 22
Highly recommend Oreo’s limo! Nice, clean cars. Prompt service. Friendly & safe drivers. Great experience.
Joe MohammadJoe Mohammad
06:03 05 Jan 22
Amazing service from start to finish!!! Beyond satisfied with my ride. Due to the line at customs I was delayed and they waited for me at the airport for 2 hours while they kept me updated throughout the whole trip to make sure I knew exactly where to meet them and they we’re kind as can be. I am thankful for their service and patients. Very professional and clean. WORTH IT!
Maureen SandMaureen Sand
01:31 23 Dec 21
From beginning to end - setting up the reservation to dropping off our 6 grandchildren - Oreo limo, Nora and our driver Miguel were profession and accommodating.Nora helped us adjust the rental time to fit our family. Her friendly manner made the process incredibly easy and pleasant. Miguel took great care of us and our many drop offs and pick ups. He drove safely and knowledgeably to the stops we choose. Our grandkids loved that he joined us in singing Christmas carols!We would highly recommend Oreo and won’t hesitate to call Nora again.
Karen BrownKaren Brown
03:05 13 Nov 21
Sam and his fleet of drivers are Diamond Class / 5-Star in all aspects of elite service. Always on time or early. Always responsive and accommodating to requests. The cars are always in pristine condition. Sam and his group are kind, courteous and keep us safe always. We have recommended him to our friends and family and we will continue to always choose him and his driver services for life. OREOS Limo Chicago Car Service is the BEST.